My Search for Church

Church. This is where my heart has been lately. It has consumed many hours of thought, conversation, and prayer. And, can I be real with you? I love Jesus, but so many times I just don’t love “church”. Why is this? I share the Gospel with people fairly often and so many times when I ask … Continue reading My Search for Church

Crafting for Christmas

So, what do you do for Christmas gifts when your husband leaves his full time, well-paying job to start seminary and work part time? You CRAFT! But it can’t be just any boring craft; it definitely has to be useful, exciting crafts that people actually want as gifts! With 11 nieces and nephews (and two … Continue reading Crafting for Christmas

What I think about the Ashley Madison Leak

I’ve seen the widened eyes when the topic is mentioned in a Christian setting. I have heard the whispers of disgust and judgment about “those people”. I know that the “accepted church culture” is to do what we do best and ignore it. I know this is not something that we, the church, feel is … Continue reading What I think about the Ashley Madison Leak

The Sunshine After the Rain: How to Cheer up Sick Kiddos

Recently, both of my littles were sick a the SAME TIME.  On top of that, it lasted almost 3 weeks!  It was insane, and at the end of each day I was at my whit's end.  Runny noses, constant coughing, excessive whining, lack of sleep, and lots of tears left me extremely exhausted and drained!  … Continue reading The Sunshine After the Rain: How to Cheer up Sick Kiddos

From the Mouths of Babes

There’s something about a toddler’s demeanor that forces you to SLOW down (like it or not) and appreciate the smaller things in life. Things like blowing dandelions, jumping in mud puddles, and watching airplanes just mesmerizes toddlers! Most of the time, I enjoy these little moments but then, there are other times when God causes … Continue reading From the Mouths of Babes